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Clinical Component Update: Week of June 28

The Exam Will Start September 8!

CAPR will relaunch the clinical exam on Wednesday, September 8, 2021.

  • Exams will be offered twice a day on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays, with a few exceptions.
  • 12-24 candidates will participate in each exam.
  • Candidates will be divided into groups: all members of a group will take the exam during the same testing window.
  • Exam results from each testing window will be released at the same time, regardless of a candidate’s exam date within the window.


The Windows

Date Ranges September 8-October 6 October 13-November 8 November 10-December 6 December 8-January 12* TBA
Eligible Candidates (Original Exam) March 2021 June 2021 August 2021 November 2021 General registration queue†
Candidate Spaces 576 576 576 576 OPEN

* There will be no exams dates between December 18-January 4.
† For applications received after April 19, 2021.


Candidate Window Assignments

Mostly, candidates will be assigned to Windows 1-4 based on the exam they were originally registered for: March, June, August, and November. However, we may shift candidates into different windows based on the following principles:

  1. CAPR must include an equal distribution of Canadian-educated and internationally-educated candidates in each window.[1]
  2. Because of the wide range of time zones in Canada, CAPR must make sure that no candidate is disadvantaged by an unreasonable start time.
  3. CAPR will schedule French-speaking candidates based on the availability of French-speaking Examiners and Standardized Clients.
  4. Candidates who require certain accommodations to take the exam will be scheduled based on our capacity to offer the accommodations.

Candidates in Window 5 will begin their assessments after all candidates in Windows 1-4 have completed the exam. More information about Window 5 will be available for candidates soon.


Informing Candidates of Their Specific Windows

This week, CAPR will email all candidates to confirm which testing window they are in. Ten weeks before each window begins, we will ask each candidate[2] to confirm they want their spot in the testing window and to rank their preferred exam dates from a list of dates. We will confirm each candidate’s exam date and time at least 8 weeks before their exam.

Candidates in Window 1 will receive their scheduling email from CAPR by June 30. Window 1 candidates will have confirmation of their exam date and time by July 14.


The Exam Platform

The testing platform is Qpercom. Qpercom has been supporting high-stakes online exams in the United Kingdom for some time but has not been used in Canada before. If you’d like to learn more about the company now, you can visit their website: We will provide extensive Qpercom orientation to all candidates, standardized clients and examiners in the coming weeks.


PLEASE NOTE: There will NOT be a Weekly Update next week. We’ll restart our Weekly Updates the week of July 12.


Project Timeline

[1] This is an exam scoring fairness requirement which permits CAPR and its advisors to establish the minimum score required for exam success.
[2] With the exception of French speaking candidates and candidates receiving certain alternative accommodations.