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Clinical Component Update: Week of June 21

Exam software—selected!

CAPR has selected a testing platform, following a successful third round of software testing. Last week’s trial included more than 70 participants, 50 of whom were volunteers from external CAPR partners. Participants played the roles of candidates, standardized clients and examiners in a ‘mock exam’ format to experience the platform features and the flow of the real exam.

In a post-trial survey, participants noted that the platform was “easy to navigate” and “intuitive” and that “the quality of the video, images and sound were excellent.” Also highlighted by participants was the platform’s capacity to “clearly communicate what was happening in the moment and what was coming up” and the “seamless” automated flow-through of the mock exam.

We’re excited to provide candidates with complete information about the platform soon, along with extensive orientation materials and opportunities, including step-by-step videos from the candidate perspective, townhall-style Q & A webinars, and traditional software documentation.


Exam delivery model—confirmed!

We have finalized the exam delivery model. Candidates will complete the 12-station exam (six ten‑minute stations and six five-minutes stations) in a single session, rather than spread out over two days.

We plan to run exam sessions three days a week over several months. We will begin by assessing groups of at least 12 candidates and intend to gradually increase the number of candidates assessed in each session.


Candidate scheduling—beginning soon!

Our team is beginning to  schedule exam sessions with standardized clients and examiners. We will offer the exam in blocks, with eligibility for each block determined by a candidate’s original exam date. Our goal is to provide candidates with scheduling options. All candidates within a block will receive their results at the same time.

We hope to announce exam dates next week.


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