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Clinical Component Update: Week of June 14

Exam Software Testing

We prepared for a third round of software testing, after receiving positive feedback on our first two trials. ‘Round 3’ includes more than 50 participants from the regulatory, academic and patient simulation communities. We’re grateful to have enthusiastic volunteers, who we know will provide us with honest and insightful feedback about their experiences. We will use this feedback to identify opportunities to fine-tune our preparation and to make the user experience feel as safe and easy as possible.


Exam Schedule

Building the exam schedule is more complex than it has been in the past because we anticipate a schedule that includes several exam sessions a week and, possibly, more than one exam session per day. Our team is now reviewing the availability information submitted by more than 300 Examiners and confirming the precise number of sessions we will need to assess all candidates in the virtual exam queue.

We plan to begin emailing the first group of eligible candidates about dates at the end of this month. We remain committed to giving everyone at least two months to prepare for the exam.


Exam Results

CAPR will release exam results in groups, or ‘blocks’ of sessions, rather than at the end of the exam schedule. When we confirm the schedule, we will also provide the projected results release dates for each block of sessions.


You can review upcoming key decisions and milestones on our Project Timeline: