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Clinical Component Update: Week of July 19

Watch: Video update from Denis Pelletier and Katya Masnyk

What’s the latest on the Clinical Component of the Physiotherapy Competency Exam?

In this short video, CAPR’s new Board President Denis Pelletier and CAPR CEO Katya Masnyk recap our progress.

Among the highlights…

  • The first exam will take place on September 8. We will run exam sessions on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays until January 12. During this period, we will assess all candidates who, as of April 19, 2021, were registered to take the Clinical Exam in 2021. Typical eligibility requirements apply.
  • We provided all Window 1 candidates with options for exam dates, and last Wednesday, we confirmed their specific dates. There are 430 candidates in Window 1; 99% got their first or second choice of date.
  • For later testing windows, we will send candidates a date preferences survey approximately 10 weeks ahead of the first exam date in the window. When completing the survey, candidates can also choose to withdraw from the exam and receive a refund or ask to be transferred into the next exam window. We will provide candidates with their confirmed exam dates 8 weeks before their exam.
  • After January 12, candidates who registered for the exam after April 19, 2021, will begin their assessments. We call this “Window 5”, and candidates can register at any time to get their place in the queue.
  • We understand that candidates may need to request last-minute withdrawals and transfers. We will publish more information about this on our website soon. Please stay tuned.
  • We are working with a new software vendor—Qpercom—to deliver the exam, and we will provide candidate’s with Qpercom training materials and videos by the end of this month. We are also training Examiners and Standardized Clients within the Qpercom system to support a smooth experience for everyone when we relaunch the exam in September.


We Hear You: Your Concerns about the Exam Scoring Timelines

Since our last update, candidates have been asking why it will take so long to deliver results after the end of each testing window. We understand that this is yet another burden in an already difficult process.

We will do our utmost to get the results out as quickly as possible while ensuring that we continue  to follow the necessary protocols. Since the PCE is a national competency assessment, candidates who take the exam come from a wide variety of educational programs and backgrounds and take many different paths to get to the exam. The only way we can ensure the results of the exam are valid and fair is to continue to follow internationally recognized best practices in exam scoring.


Review Our Progress on Our Project Timeline: