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Updated! Clinical Component Update: Week of July 12

Candidates in Window 1 will receive confirmed exam dates this week

Candidates in Window 1 submitted their date preferences to CAPR last week. This Wednesday, July 14, we will contact these candidates to confirm their specific exam dates and times in Window 1.

We will also contact any candidates who did not submit their date preferences to confirm their intention to withdraw from the exam. We have asked candidates who don’t wish to take the exam in their expected window let us know as soon as possible so that we can offer their spot to someone else.


Examiner and Standardized Client training begins this week

The Clinical Test Development Group[1] has now approved all the exam forms and questions.

We have recruited and confirmed Examiners, and Examiner training will begin this week. Our Standardized Client (SC) partners have begun recruiting SCs and their training will begin next month.

In addition to training on the exam questions, both groups—Examiners and SCs—will participate in testing and training within the Qpercom system in the weeks leading up to the start of the exam sessions.


Candidate orientation materials coming this month

We will provide candidates with exam orientation materials by the end of July. This will include written guides and documentation, as well as a video tour of the Qpercom exam experience, recorded from the candidate’s perspective.

We will also host orientation townhalls for each exam window closer to the time of the exam sessions.  The first one, for Window 1 candidates, is planned for early August.


 Exam results will be available 8 weeks after the end of each testing window

We will release exam results for each window 8 weeks after the final exam session in the window. All candidates in a window will be able to access their results at the same time, regardless of their exam date.

Testing Window Window End Date Results Release Target
WINDOW 1 October 6 Week of December 1*
WINDOW 2 November 8 Week of January 4
WINDOW 3 December 6 Week of January 31
WINDOW 4 January 12 Week of March 9

* Please note the correction to the Window 1 target date. We apologize for the error. 


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[1] A group of practicing physiotherapists from across Canada, who volunteer their time and expertise to developing the Clinical Component of the Physiotherapy Competency Exam.