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We’ve launched our Expert Advisory Panel - read more about the Innovation Agenda here.

Clinical Component Update -Week of August 30th

Eight days and counting until the first exam session in Window 1.

We have completed the testing for the exam platform and training for examiners and standardized clients.

Our testing helped us to identify some ways to streamline the experience for candidates, just as it was intended to.  Testing also confirmed that there are no technical issues with the platform or it’s interactions with ProctorU.  The exam launch will proceed as planned on September 8th.

Exam Orientation Webinar

We held a webinar for Window 1 candidates on August 28.  You can watch the recording of it:  CAPR – 2021 Clinical Component Preparatory Resources – CAPR (

Wondering what questions candidates most often asked?

Q:  Will there be a timer that we will see in the station?

A:  There is no timer available on the Qpercom platform.  However, just like the face-to-face exam, you will see a two minute warning notice for the ten minute stations and a one minute warning notice for the five minute stations.

Q: When are the ProctorU login emails coming out?

A:  ProctorU will be reaching out to candidates this week with account and login instructions.  Candidates who are taking the exam in the first week (September 8th or 11th), will receive their notices first – on the afternoon of August 31st.  All other window 1 candidates will receive ProctorU information before the end of the week.

Q:  Will the standardized client have identical props to what I will have?

A:  Yes, the standardized clients have the exact same props as those that we have asked you to have.  There will be no differences.

Look for a document with all questions and answers from the webinar on our website by the end of this week.

Registration Confirmation

All of those registered in Window 1 were sent a registration confirmation email last week (August 26th) with their exam time and detailed instructions about what they need for exam day.  If you are a Window 1 candidate, make sure that you are familiar with all of the information in that email.  If you are a candidate registered for a later window, you will receive your registration confirmation closer to the time of your exam.

Orientation Guide

The CAPR – Preparing for the Exam – CAPR ( has been updated.  It contains almost all of the same information as in the registration email – prepare yourself early by reviewing it ahead of time.

Checklist for Window 1 Candidates

 If you are a Window 1 candidate, take a look at the checklist below to make sure that you have done what you need to do to successfully log in on exam day:

What is ProctorU?

There are two online platforms that will be in use during the exam.   The one you’ve heard the most about is Qpercom, which hosts the virtual exam ‘rooms’ and all the people in them.

The other is ProctorU which is a service that offers remote proctoring and exam integrity safeguards.   When candidates log in to the ProctorU platform, they meet their proctor who verifies their identity and provides independent oversight to ensure exam security.  ProctorU proctors will also conduct a check of your room/testing environment before you begin the exam to make sure you meet the principles of privacy, security/simplicity and connectivity.

Minimum Technical Requirements

Those of you who have received your exam registration confirmation have been notified that the original minimum technical requirements for the exam have changed.  More information is in the CAPR – Preparing for the Exam – CAPR (  and reviewed in the Orientation webinar:  the new minimum requirements are a minimum download speed of 3 mbps and minimum upload speed of 1 mbps.

Thinking About the Worst-Case Scenario

We are confident that the launch of this clinical component will go as planned, but we know that many of you are anxious about a possible system failure.

The bottom line is that if the system fails, only 12 people will be affected at a time.   And we will slot them into the next available timeslot (unless they tell us they want a later time).  We know that this would be terrible, and we are sure it won’t happen.   But we can assure you that in the worst-case scenario, at least candidates will not need to wait months for another attempt.

Why are we confident that this won’t happen?   Because of the rigorous testing that we have undertaken with Qpercom and our examiners, and because Qpercom has a significant history of successful use by universities in the UK.

 The Future of the Physiotherapy Competency Exam

The need to offer the exam on-line because of COVID has focused many members of the Canadian physiotherapy community on the clinical exam.  But even before COVID, CAPR was considering the future of the PCE.  These discussions were interrupted by the pandemic, but will regain full speed this fall.

We welcome conversations about the right way to ensure competency for all incoming physiotherapists in the future; but this important work cannot be our primary focus right now. At this time, CAPR is focused on successful delivery of the exam currently required by most regulators in Canada, so that all qualified candidates can meet the regulatory requirements to become fully registered.

Watch for more information about our Innovation Agenda later this fall.

Answering your calls and emails

We know that some of you have been experiencing longer than usual response time to your phone calls or emails.   This is because call and email volumes have been very high.  We are addressing this issue by increasing staff resources to answer questions.  We will reply to all of you, but it might take us several days.  We will prioritize questions from individuals who are worried that their participation in their scheduled session might be in jeopardy.   In the meantime, please be sure to review the Orientation Guide, and watch the orientation videos for answers to general questions.