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Clinical Component Update: Week of August 16

Final Qpercom Platform Testing This Week

Twenty-nine days and counting until the first exam session in Window 1! If you are nervous, you are not alone. We are anxious that everyone involved—including candidates, examiners, standardized clients and staff—should have a seamless experience. So, what have we done to make sure that the system will work?

Test. Test. TEST!

Participants in the testing have included Qpercom system experts, IT consultants, university professors, CAPR staff, examiners, standardized clients, staff from the regulatory colleges and CAPR friends and family—in other words, people with a very broad range of experience in online testing.

How has it gone? From the first test, the areas for improvement were quite small and it has improved every time. We think the system itself will pose no barriers for candidates, leaving everyone free to concentrate on content.

Our final phase of User Acceptance Testing is happening this week. During this important final step, our external IT partners will oversee the testing of all Qpercom platform functionality; test all ‘what if?’ scenarios; and ensure that we’ve included correct and appropriate information in our orientation materials for candidates, examiners, standardized clients and staff.


Rescheduling and Withdrawing from Confirmed Exam Dates

Candidates who have already scheduled their Window 1 exam session and have received a confirmed exam date, and who now wish to reschedule or withdraw from the exam, may contact us to do so. Rescheduling is possible up to 4:30 p.m. Eastern on the business day prior to the exam. Administrative fees apply. Please see the step-by-step process below.

How to Reschedule a Clinical Component Exam Date

Step 1: Email outlining that you want to reschedule your confirmed exam date. Include the Credit Card Authorization Form, completed for the appropriate administrative fee based on the date of your request (see chart below).

Step 2: You will receive an email from CAPR informing you of the exam date/window options available to you.

Step 3: Reply to this email, outlining your chosen option.

Step 4: You will receive an email confirmation of your new exam date/window.


How to Withdraw from the Clinical Component

Step 1: Email outlining that you want to withdraw from the exam.

Step 2: Based on the date of your request, the appropriate fee will be deducted from your exam fee (see chart below).

Step 3: The balance will be refunded to you.

Rescheduling/Withdrawal Fees for Clinical Component
More than 7 days prior to scheduled exam date 7 days or fewer prior to scheduled exam date After 4:30 p.m. (Eastern Time) on the last business day prior to scheduled exam date
$180 $500 Full exam fee forfeited


Exam Orientation Webinar and Town Hall

Window 1 candidates have either received or will soon receive an invitation to a live orientation webinar on Saturday, August 28. We can’t accommodate everyone on the webinar, so those in later Windows can expect their own webinars when the time comes. But for those of you who can’t wait, we will record the webinar and post it to our YouTube channel as soon as we can. Watch for the next weekly update or the link on our Facebook page.


Troubleshooting Guide

We are just putting the final touches on the guide and will post it as soon as possible – but don’t worry, candidates will have lots of time to review before their exam session.

Please note that there will be no update next week—watch for the next one on August 31


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