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Clinical Component Update for the Week of August 9

New Troubleshooting Guide Coming Soon

Imagine this: You’re taking the exam. You log in and then your internet goes down! Or you don’t have audio! How do you respond? What do you do?

We know you’re worried about all the things that might go wrong on exam day. Our goal is to make the exam day experience smooth and easy. This begins with testing your computer equipment and carefully following the minimum technical requirements we released last week.  Please do not skip any steps!

Additionally, we will be releasing a Troubleshooting Guide shortly.  We want to make sure everyone knows exactly what to do and who to contact if something goes wrong on exam day. Look out for the new guide soon.


Window 1 Examiners have been confirmed

We’re pleased to share that we have confirmed the Examiners for all Window 1 exam sessions. More than 70 Examiners will participate in exam sessions from September 8-October 6. We will provide Examiners with orientation materials next week and hold content and software training over the next several weeks.


Thank you to the Clinical Test Development Group

We want to acknowledge the incredible contribution of CAPR’s Clinical Test Development Group in supporting our work to adapt the clinical exam for a virtual environment. This work has involved modifying and reviewing all clinical station content to ensure it remains relevant to entry-level physiotherapy practice across the country and assesses physiotherapy competency in a fair and consistent way. The CTDG has taken the candidate’s experience into careful consideration when looking at all station content to minimize additional stress and uncertainty for candidates, who are the first physiotherapists to take the exam in a virtual setting.

CTDG members are physiotherapy leaders from across Canada. They have maintained their work supporting their patients and the healthcare system while continuing to make an invaluable contribution to CAPR and the Canadian physiotherapy community.

Thank you to all our CTDG members! This work would be impossible without you.


Members of the Clinical Test Development Group (CTDG)
National Chair: Cheri Gunn
Alberta British Columbia Hamilton  Kingston
Mona Iyizoba, Chair
David Benterud
Stacy Culbert
Tara Willes
Sheena Whyte
Maria Bertoni, Chair
Rosalyn Jones
Joseph Anthony
Trevor Moizumi
Barbara Pollock, Chair
Gillian Manson
Denise Lai
Anastasia Newman
Diana Hopkins-Rosseel, Chair
Graeme Leverette, Co-Chair
(Tasos) Tom Doulas
Kate Attwood
Kyle Vader
Manitoba/Northwestern Ontario Nova Scotia Saskatchewan Toronto
Karen Malenchak, Co-Chair
Jessica Marasco, Co-Chair
Rachel Desrochers
Kim Okano
Cynthia Otfinowski
Madeleine Hongisto
Suzanne Taylor, Chair
Janice Palmer
Alison McDonald
Krista Sweet
Jessica Roy
Soo Kim, Chair
Susan Tupper
Melissa Koenig
Kristen Quigley
Lisa Muc, Chair
Mavis Fung
Mindi Goodman
Catherine Patterson

 Orientation videos—update

Candidates in Window 1 will receive an email this week providing them with their Qpercom exam login details. They will be able to log in and make sure that they can access the Qpercom system. We’d hoped to have orientation videos available at the same time but they aren’t quite ready yet. Rather than delay release of the login credentials, we’ve gone ahead with those. We will provide video links as soon as we can: to provide a candidate’s perspective of the Qpercom exam experience. Our new target date for that is August 27.


Follow our progress on our Project Timeline: