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Clarification: CAPR will deliver a revised Clinical Component schedule in 2021

We have heard questions from many of you regarding the 2021 clinical exams. There is a misperception with many candidates believing that all future clinical exams for 2021 have been cancelled. This is not the case.

The clinical exam will run later this year, but the format and organization will be quite different from a traditional cross-Canada clinical exam.

  • CAPR will replace all large-scale virtual exam administrations scheduled for 2021 with smaller, more frequent virtual and in-person exam administrations.
  • CAPR will partner with various organizations across Canada to plan administrations that are safe and appropriate for local conditions.
  • These smaller administrations will begin in late summer or early autumn of 2021.
  • All candidates who were registered for the original March, June, August or November 2021 clinical exam administrations will be re-registered for the new administrations in priority sequence (according to date of exam application: first in, first out)
  • Anyone who wishes to withdraw from the queue and request a refund is able to do so without penalty.
  • We are currently re-organizing the exam delivery plan with our local partners. CAPR will provide more information about the go-forward plan/roadmap by the end of May.
  • All candidates will receive at least 2 months notice about locally-available exam options to allow for exam preparation.
  • We hope to allow for a choice between virtual or in-person options but this may not always be possible because of local conditions. Where it is possible, we will let you know.

News articles published this week give the impression that there will be no further administrations of the Clinical Component in 2021. This information is incorrect. Please refer to our website for accurate and up-to-date information regarding exams. We will provide updates and additional information as frequently as possible.