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CAPR on track to move forward with revised PCE schedule

CAPR is pleased to confirm that we are moving forward with plans to implement the PCE schedule we announced on May 4. This schedule is still subject to change based on federal and provincial health directives. Our team has been working diligently over the past three months to develop alternative administration options that will provide candidates with a safe, fair and valid exam experience.

Our exams team is currently solidifying plans for a remote proctoring option for the Written Component of the PCE. Remote proctoring will allow candidates to complete the Written Component from home during their scheduled exam time. The remote proctoring option will be delivered through Prometric’s ProProctor technology. We will provide complete details about remote proctoring procedures and requirements well ahead of the first scheduled exam date. At that time, we will also provide more information about seat availability and capacity at test centres for candidates who wish to take the exam in a traditional setting, rather than through remote proctoring.

Regarding the Clinical Component, our team is exploring and researching delivery options and collaborating with peer licensing bodies and other industry partners to develop an approach that prioritizes participant safety without sacrificing the integrity of the exam. We look forward to providing further details as we solidify our plans.

We acknowledge that the lack of certainty about the Clinical Component is difficult for candidates, and we empathize with the anxiety and frustration many of you are feeling. However, in alignment with our Regulator Members, we believe that the challenges and obstacles created by COVID-19 make a practical entry-to-practice competency assessment more important than ever. We are communicating regularly with all physiotherapy partners in the National Physiotherapy Advisory Group to jointly work through system-wide challenges. We can confirm that comparable high-stakes entry-to-practice exams administered by the Medical Council of Canada and the Pharmacy Education Board of Canada are also scheduled to go ahead this year, despite the pandemic. In the healthcare sector, we are all being challenged to stretch our limits in the best interests of the public and our professions.

We thank PCE candidates for your continued patience and resilience. Please stay tuned to our website and social media channels for further updates coming soon.

If you have additional questions at this time, please contact us directly.


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