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CAPR launches ambitious project to create “pandemic-proof” Clinical Component exam

As announced in our news release of Friday, September 25, CAPR has launched a project to innovate the Clinical Component of the PCE in response to conditions created by the Covid-19 pandemic. While CAPR and our Regulator Members have been discussing ways to reimagine the Clinical Component for more than a year, the pandemic has made this initiative mission critical.

CAPR is uniquely equipped to take up this considerable challenge, with over 25 years of experience delivering a fair and valid PCE, an active and well-established network of physiotherapist subject matter experts across Canada, and access to deep psychometric expertise. CAPR’s Lead Psychometrician is heading up a multidisciplinary project working group, which includes experts in physiotherapy, education, regulation and virtual assessment. The working group will consider input from the candidate perspective.

The CAPR project team is currently working on the delivery redesign phase of the project, which will involve internal and external contributors as it progresses. The implementation phase of the project will include a robust candidate orientation aspect, which we recognize is essential to CAPR delivering a valid and fair Clinical Component exam beginning in March 2021. The exam is being designed to accommodate more frequent delivery to increase CAPR’s testing capacity 2021.

CAPR looks forward to regularly updating all our stakeholders on the progress of this important project. The pandemic-proof Clinical Component will be different in form, style and format than anything we have delivered before. However, the exam will continue to fulfill its crucial role of assessing practical physiotherapy skills such as clinical reasoning, communication and professional behaviour at an entry-to-practice level and ensuring that every physiotherapist licenced in Canada is a safe and ethical physiotherapist.