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Candidates may challenge the Clinical Component from outside Canada through 2021

With the PCE Clinical Component being delivered in an online format through 2021, CAPR has received questions about whether candidates are required to challenge the exam from within Canada. We recognize that travel restrictions and advisories related to the ongoing pandemic may make it necessary or preferable for candidates to take the exam from abroad. Therefore, through 2021, candidates will not be prevented from attempting the exam from outside Canada.

However, CAPR strongly advises candidates to consider carefully the factors discussed below before deciding to take the exam from overseas.

Time Zone—All exam administrations are scheduled based on Eastern Time (UTC-5:00). All candidates, regardless of their home time zone, will be required to participate in Eastern Time. Alternative times are not available.

Internet Quality and Stability—The performance of the exam delivery platform is dependent on the candidate having a stable internet connection that meets certain specifications. These specifications are detailed in Preparatory Module 2: Technical Requirements, which is available on our website here. It is the responsibility of each candidate, regardless of location, to confirm that their internet connection meets the standard provided.

Internet Security—Internet security varies greatly from country to country. Each candidate is responsible for confirming that they can access the required internet sites and software from their home country well prior to the exam.

Power Stability—In addition to power and internet stability being interdependent, candidates are required to connect directly to a power source for the duration of their exam. Each candidate is responsible for confirming they will not experience any foreseeable power outages during the exam.

Please note: Candidates who choose to challenge the Clinical Component from a location where internet quality and stability, internet security, and/or power stability cannot be guaranteed do so at their own risk. Where doing so leads to a candidate not being able to complete the exam, CAPR will not be responsible. The candidate’s next opportunity to challenge the exam will depend on which exam dates are open for registration (i.e., the application deadline has not yet passed, and the exam is not yet at capacity).