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We’ve launched our Expert Advisory Panel - read more about the Innovation Agenda here.

Building our Psychometric Bench Strength

Since CAPR’s inception, it has worked hand in hand with psychometric professionals, first with consultants and later adding a permanent psychometrician to its staff.

What exactly is psychometrics?

Psychometrics is the science of educational and psychological measurement or simply put, the science of testing. Psychometricians know how to measure reliability and ensure validity in testing, so they play an integral role in creating defensible tests that can be used to make important decisions such as licencing decisions.

We have a new Psychometric Advisory Panel

Recently, CAPR has launched a new Psychometric Advisory Panel to further build its psychometric bench strength. The panel is comprised of up to three external psychometricians of varied backgrounds to provide expert advise to CAPR staff, its Board and Board committees. The panel works most closely with CAPR’s National Director of Evaluation Services and our own in-house psychometrician to tackle novel, complex testing issues and advise on forward-looking strategy for the examinations program.

CAPR staff members have already consulted with the panel regarding best practices in implementing a new examination blueprint. In the future, we may tap the committee to advise us on the risks and benefits of using new technology in our examinations, for example the use of videos and sound recordings, or alternatives to traditional multiple-choice questions. With the creation of this committee, our aim is not only to continue to ensure our examinations are rooted in international best practice, but to position ourselves as leaders in our field.