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Blueprint Progress Report

Practice analysis, new blueprint, new exam forms – this is the wash, rinse, repeat of the assessment world.

In 2017, CAPR and its physiotherapy partners completed the latest comprehensive analysis of physiotherapy practice in Canada to ensure any recent changes in practice have been captured. In 2018, they drafted an updated exam blueprint which will be used in the future as a roadmap to create exam forms that accurately reflect current practice.

New to the process this time was a profession-wide collaboration to better identify and communicate the expectations of physiotherapists at entry-to-practice. Also new is a focus on competencies. Going forward, all exams will be organized and weighted by area of practice and condition, as in the past, but now they will also be organized by the seven essential competencies of physiotherapy practice. The competency of physiotherapy expertise will remain the key focus for the exam but there will be a new focus on the competencies of collaboration, communication and professionalism. The final three competencies – management, leadership and scholarly practitioner – will play a smaller role in the exam, in keeping with an entry-to-practice focus.

CAPR and the Council of Canadian Physiotherapy University Programs are continuing their collaboration by working on an updated list of conditions that an entry-to-practice physiotherapist must be ready to address as well as a list of references that support exam questions.

What’s up next? Subject-matter experts are currently organizing all the exam questions in our item bank using the new area-of-practice, condition and competency categories. The release and posting of the updated blueprint, condition list and reference list are planned for 2019.  CAPR expects to launch exams built to meet the new blueprint in 2020.