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An IEPT Success Story!

IEPT Success Story Sudarshan















Meet Sudarshan, an international-educated physiotherapist. Sudarshan received financial assistance from Windmill Microlending,  a microloan program supported by the Government of Canada and other partnering agencies, to take the PCE. Read Sudarshan’s success story here.

Windmill Microlending and other microloan programs are listed as resources on the CAPR website for those looking to obtain financial assistance with credentialling and exam related fees.

Sudarshan passed the written and clinical components of the PCE on his first attempt after his education was assessed and determined not to be substantially different from that of a Canadian-educated physiotherapist. He is currently a practising physiotherapist in Ontario.

CAPR congratulates Sudarshan on his success in his physiotherapy career in Canada.

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