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5-Year Ban for Sharing Exam Materials

During regular monitoring of the internet, CAPR staff discovered a person advertising Physiotherapy Competency Exam (PCE) questions for sale.  CAPR, in conjunction with the provincial regulator, investigated, gathered evidence and concluded that cheating had occurred as defined in our exam policies. The CAPR Board of Directors approved the following sanctions:

  • A 5-year ban on writing the Physiotherapy Competency Exam
  • All Canadian physiotherapy regulators will be notified

CAPR would like to remind all candidates that discussing or sharing information seen or heard on the PCE, before or after taking the exam, is strictly forbidden and considered to be cheating.  Do not write down questions you’ve seen on the PCE.  Do not share them with other candidates.  The penalties for cheating are serious.

The actions of the regulatory college are independent of those of the CAPR.  The candidate’s provisional licence may be affected.  Because of the CAPR sanctions, the exam candidate will not be eligible to re-attempt the PCE until 2022 at the earliest and will not be eligible to practice physiotherapy until that time.

The CAPR takes its role in the protection of the public seriously.  These sanctions demonstrate the gravity of the ethical breach committed by the exam candidate.

For more information on Rules of Conduct for the PCE and actions taken in the event of suspected cheating, please refer to the Confidentiality and Security section and Rules of Conduct section of the Exam Policies.