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We’ve launched our Expert Advisory Panel - read more about the Innovation Agenda here.

Committees of the Board

CEO Review Committee

The CEO Review Committee is responsible for conducting CEO Performance and Compensation Reviews and for identifying the process for the review. The principle of measuring performance against pre-identified competencies and outcomes related to objectives form the central framework for the work of the Committee.

  • Denis Pelletier, ex officio, President
  • Joyce Vogelgesang
  • Ellen Snider

Governance and Nominations Committee

The Governance and Nominations Committee (GNC) is responsible for considering and reviewing governance matters, including governance policies, and providing advice to the Board on the overall stewardship responsibility for the Corporation.

The GNC also serves as the Nominating Committee of the Board. When serving as the Nominating Committee, the primary objective is to assist the Board by identifying individuals qualified to become Board Directors and Board Committee members and Chairs, and annually recommend Director and Committee nominees for the next Annual General Meeting of Members.

  • Dianne Millette, Chair
  • Denis Pelletier, ex-officio
  • Brenda McKechnie
  • Joyce Vogelgesang
  • Gary Rehan

Evaluation Services Committee

The Evaluation Services Committee (ESC) provides strategic advice and makes recommendations to CAPR Board on matters respecting the Credentialling and Examination Programs. The ESC provides oversight for the Credentialling and Examination Programs and is responsible for developing policy, as well as setting and monitoring performance standards of the Credentialling and Examination Programs and assuring the effective delivery of those services.

  • Dr. Mark Hall (Chair)
  • Margaret Autea-Ton
  • Janet Bowring (Chair, WTDG)
  • Julia Goquingco
  • Dr. Alison Greig (PEAC)
  • Dr. Mahan Kulasegaram
  • Theresa Muddada
  • Paul Stratford (CCPUP)
  • Wing Ting Truong (CPA)
  • Tricia Twogood
  • Joyce Vogelgesang
  • Vacant – (Chair, BOE)

Subject Matter Experts (non-voting)

  • Ann Read
  • Janelle Van Heeren
  • Dragana Susic
  • Cheri Gunn

Registrars Committee

The Registrars Committee provides support to Registrars and Executive Directors of the Regulatory Colleges on policy issues. It scans the regulatory environment and identifies emerging trends across jurisdictions to provide advice to the CEO regarding policy risk areas related to both regulatory issues and provincial government policies or developments. The Committee makes recommendations to the Board on issues of national scope.

In the area of evaluation services, the Registrars Committee serves as an advisory committee to the CEO, providing regional expertise and advice to the Board on the operationalization and/or implementation of evaluation services policies being considered by the Board, including information on local circumstances that serve as enablers or obstacles to the consistent implementation of evaluation services policies across the country.

  • Alberta: Jody Prohar (Interim Chair)
  • Yukon: Laurianne Grenier Deschenes
  • British Columbia: Dianne Millette
  • Saskatchewan: Jason Vogelsang
  • Manitoba: Brenda McKechnie
  • Ontario: Rod Hamilton
  • Québec: Denis Pelletier, Marie-France Salvas
  • New Brunswick: Ellen Snider
  • Nova Scotia: Joan Ross
  • Prince Edward Island: Jennifer Buote
  • Newfoundland & Labrador: Michael Kay