CAPR Award of Distinction

The CAPR Award of Distinction is presented to an individual who has made an outstanding contribution to a regulatory organization or to physiotherapy regulation in general.

The recipient is someone who represents the following characteristics:

  • exemplification of professionalism
  • commitment to promoting public interest values and ethical conduct
  • commitment to best practice in conducting regulatory affairs
  • ethical problem solving and decision making
  • commitment to mentoring, guidance and sharing with colleagues

The 2016 Award of Distinction

In 2016, there were two award recipients for the CAPR Award of Distinction:

  • Brenda Hudson

Brenda-Hudson-Award-of-DistinctionFor over two decades Brenda Hudson has been integrally involved in all aspects of CAPR and she has not just sat at tables – but has always “leaned in” and done more than most.

In the early 90’s, Brenda initially attended CAPR meetings as a representative of British Columbia – long before she became the Registrar of the BC College. From the very beginning, Brenda was a key player in establishing The CAPR as the independent, national administrator of the licensing exam.

Brenda also served as a member working on specific CAPR tasks and projects, becoming Registrar of the College of Physical Therapists of British Columbia in 2004.

Regardless of why she has been at the CAPR table, she always took on leading roles – never shy to take on work in addition to her own practice in B.C. and then in addition to her position as Registrar.

Brenda exemplifies the dual roles of jurisdictional member and national Board member – always respecting the differences among us, but finding ways to integrate what could sometimes be divergent perspectives. She demonstrates utmost respect for her volunteer board members in B.C., guarding the interests of their jurisdiction but when needed, going to bat for a CAPR goal as well.

For example, it was her personal visit to Quebec many years ago which influenced the Ordre du Quebec to stay as a member of the CAPR – a pivotal achievement in the evolution of the organization which helped lay the groundwork for our ongoing strength as a national federation.

Brenda does not shy from hard work or challenges – traits reflected by true leaders. As such, she contributed to the CAPR in many roles including as an Executive member and Vice President, and then for four years as President from 2008 to 2012. Following that she became Chair of the Governance Committee – overseeing countless changes and revisions and instrumental to the Governance Review of 2013. She was also an integral part of the working group guiding the last practice analysis in 2008-09.

While this distinction is a national award, Brenda must also be credited for her provincial accomplishments, which have helped move the British Columbia Regulatory College forward in tandem with other regulators and our national stakeholders – most recently in implementing the BC competency exam and all of the challenges that entailed.  Brenda has also been very active with last two CNAR conference planning committees – in particular last year’s conference in Vancouver. Her contributions helped ensure a very vibrant and interesting conference for all regulators throughout Canada.

 The many hours and miles Brenda has worked on behalf of the CAPR cannot be counted; just as her contributions and leadership cannot be underestimated.

  • Sue Murphy

Murphy-Award-of-DistinctionThe second Award of Distinction this year is presented to Sue Murphy in recognition of her many years of support and leadership on the CAPR Evaluation Services Committee.  Sue started in the role of Evaluation Services Chair in 2004. She has served 4 consecutive three-year terms on that position, leading the Evaluation Services Committee through many changes and challenges in the past twelve years.

During that time, Sue led the CAPR through numerous reviews to keep the credentialling and exam programs vibrant and leading edge.

These include oversight of 3 reviews of the exam program and two scoring studies, our 2012 review of the credentialling standard and support for our current external review of the exam against best practices.

Sue participated on the Steering Committee of the 2008-09 Practice Analysis and blueprinting exercise and is currently on the Steering Committee of the Triple P project establishing Essential Competencies for physiotherapists and developing entry-to-practice milestones.

Outside the CAPR, Sue works tirelessly to support ongoing excellence in physiotherapy. She is a Professor in the Department of Physical Therapy at the University of British Columbia where she is currently in the position of Interim Chair of the Department. She has won three teaching excellence awards for innovation in teaching physiotherapy to the UBC students, and is very active in the development and improvement of the clinical placement experience of UBC students. Most recently, Sue spearheaded a research project assessing the physiotherapy curriculum for teaching ethics and professionalism to aspiring physiotherapists.

Previous Award Recipients

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