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CAPR Award of Distinction

The CAPR Award of Distinction is presented to an individual who has made an outstanding contribution to a regulatory organization or to physiotherapy regulation in general.

The recipient is someone who represents the following characteristics:

  • exemplification of professionalism
  • commitment to promoting public interest values and ethical conduct
  • commitment to best practice in conducting regulatory affairs
  • ethical problem solving and decision making
  • commitment to mentoring, guidance and sharing with colleagues

2018 CAPR Award of Distinction: Dianne Millette and Joyce Vogelgesang

In 2018, CAPR presented its highest honour to Joyce Vogelgesang and Dianne Millette for their ground-breaking work advancing public protection and physiotherapy regulation across the country.

Dianne Millette (R)

Dianne Millette has served as the Registrar in three separate jurisdictions across Canada. Joyce Vogelgesang is the Deputy Registrar for Physiotherapy Alberta. Both, through their work with CAPR’s Registrars Committee, have made significant contributions to the cross-Canada harmonization of regulatory policy and resources in recent years. Between the two of them, they have led major Registrars Committee projects such as a single regulatory Code of Ethical Conduct, Core Standards of Practice for Physiotherapists in Canada, national decision-making guidelines for Good Character and a Memorandum of Understanding and regulatory guidelines for the delivery of cross-border physiotherapy services. The value of this work – for regulators, for physiotherapists and for physiotherapy candidates – cannot be overstated.

In addition, Dianne and Joyce have both been instrumental to the research in Alberta and now in British Columbia relating to regulatory risk and protective factors for physiotherapy practice.

Joyce Vogelgesang

Dianne is a visionary whose ideas outpace our ability to keep up with her. Partnered with Joyce’s clear-eyed analysis and relentless work ethic, great things have happened. CAPR is proud to honour Dianne Millette and Joyce Vogelgesang with the CAPR Award of Distinction.

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