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CAPR Award of Distinction

The CAPR Award of Distinction is presented to an individual who has made an outstanding contribution to a regulatory organization or to physiotherapy regulation in general.

The recipient is someone who represents the following characteristics:

  • exemplification of professionalism
  • commitment to promoting public interest values and ethical conduct
  • commitment to best practice in conducting regulatory affairs
  • ethical problem solving and decision making
  • commitment to mentoring, guidance and sharing with colleagues

2019 Award of Distinction: Bernadette Martin and Shenda Tanchak

CAPR 2019 Award of Distinction Winners, Shenda and Berni









Left to right: Shenda Tanchak and Bernadette (Berni) Martin

In 2019, CAPR presented its highest honour to Bernadette (Berni) Martin and Shenda Tanchak for their outstanding contributions to physiotherapy regulation in Canada.

Berni, a long-serving faculty member at the University of Alberta and a former member of CAPR’s Triple P Steering Committee, has done significant work as the Chair of the Canadian Council of Physiotherapy University Program’s (CCPUP) Curriculum Committee. Berni was instrumental in helping develop the new Essential Competency Profile (ECP) which was approved by the profession in 2017 and served as one of the hard-working subject-matter experts to determine entry-to-practice milestones.  She advocated for the use of these entry-to-practice milestones in the update of the ECP for Physiotherapists in Canada to set a single profession-wide expectation of entry-level knowledge, competencies and skills. Berni also led CCPUP’s Curriculum Committee in the development of a set of national curriculum guidelines, which included a ‘Common Conditions in Physiotherapy’ document. CAPR has aligned this list with its ‘Areas of Practice Evaluated by the PCE’, which makes up part of the new PCE blueprint.  Berni’s efforts as an active leader, coordinator and facilitator have greatly contributed to physiotherapy regulation in Canada.

Since 2012, Shenda has been an integral part of physiotherapy regulation in Ontario and Canada. She has held numerous roles in CAPR’s committees, including member of the Governance and Nominations Committee and Executive Committee and Chair of the Registrars Committee, which, under her leadership, completed several important pan-Canadian regulatory projects. Her roles at the Canadian Network of Agencies for Regulation and the International Network of Physiotherapy Regulatory Authorities helped advance the profile of physiotherapy regulation in Canada. Her innovative thinking, transparent communication style and willingness to ask difficult questions, has made her a respected leader in physiotherapy regulation both nationally and internationally.

CAPR thanks Berni and Shenda for their dedication and leadership which has contributed to positive outcomes for CAPR and the profession. CAPR is proud to honour both Berni and Shenda with the CAPR Award of Distinction.

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