Accommodation of Special Needs

When appropriate, we may be able to make alternative accessible arrangements available to candidates who have special needs.

If you want accommodation for a physical, cognitive or other special need, please complete a written request for accommodation when you apply for the exam. This includes any medication you want to bring into the exam. We must receive documentation (such as educational assessment, doctor’s letter, etc.) with your application. We consider requests for accommodation of special needs on a case-by-case basis.

We will not consider requests received fewer than 30 business days before the Written Component or fewer than 80 business days before the Clinical Component, except in unusual circumstances, such as a recent injury.

By requesting accommodation for special needs, you agree that CAPR may disclose your name and the accommodation provided to you to physiotherapy regulators.

Instructions for applying for special needs accommodations:

Fill out the Special Needs Accommodation Request Form.

  • Fill out all sections:
    • section A – requires information about what your disability is (e.g. diagnosis of asthma)
    • section B – requires a clear and concise description of the accommodations you are requesting (e.g. bringing inhaler into the exam)
    • section C – requires information about the supporting documentation you have sent with your special needs plan (e.g. a note from your doctor confirming the diagnosis).
  • Please note that you must send supporting documentation with your request form
  • Gather any supporting documentation you need to submit
  • Send the complete Special Needs Accommodation Request Form and supporting documentation to CAPR when you submit your exam application.

Note: You must submit a new special Needs Accommodation Request Form for any exam for which you register