New Supporting Documentation Required for Supervised Clinical Practice Hours

As January 1, 2017, CAPR has updated its Form D – Document Request Form to include a request for additional documentation regarding supervised clinical practice hours.

We now require physiotherapy institutions to provide a supporting supervised clinical practice document that indicates details of a student’s clinical placement, the area(s) of practice and the hours completed in each of their clinical placements. For students from Bangladesh, India, Pakistan and The Philippines, the institution must submit an attested copy of the clock hours documentation (also known as contact hours, or classroom theory/lab hours). The clock hours documents must indicate the number of hours completed in supervised clinical practice.

This document is required to support the supervised clinical practice information provided on Form D. Your physiotherapy institution must send this information, along with a completed Form D and any other required documentation to our office in a stamped and sealed envelope that lists the physiotherapy institution as the sender. For additional documentation requirements from your physiotherapy institution(s), please review Form D.

If you require further clarification, please contact us at

Thank for your consideration and attention to this matter.