Replenishing the Exam Question Bank

As part of our ongoing quality assurance processes, we recently hired ProExam – a not-for-profit organization that spe­cializes in credential assessment standards and exam develop­ment and delivery – to do an inde­pendent audit of our examina­tions program.

Some of the resulting recommen­dations encouraged us to undertake a thorough review of our written exam question bank, remove any items that are older or not performing well, then consider the exam blueprint, identify any content required and start work to fill those gaps.

Since that time, CAPR has:

  • Completed a new exam blue­print, with input from subject matter experts and profes­sional partner organizations
  • Completed an item bank re­view, deleting older or low-performing ques­tions
  • Created a plan to address gaps in the item bank based on the new blueprint
  • Taken steps to increase ques­tion-writing capacity by sub­ject matter experts in 2018.

Additional recommendations from the ProExam review have been incorporated into our 2018-2023 strategic plan.