The Canadian Alliance of Physiotherapy Regulators (The Alliance) is the national not-for-profit federation of physiotherapy regulators in Canada. Incorporated in 1992, we have been committed to ensuring the public's safety in its interaction with physiotherapists through our excellence in Evaluation Services and the advancement of regulatory standards of physiotherapy practice.

We also work to ensure our member regulators have a strong, collective and influential voice across the country. Both nationally and internationally, The Alliance actively co-operates with other organizations in developing industry standards and undertaking projects on national and international issues related to physiotherapy. Our partnerships, our ability to nurture, and creation of national strategies enable us to be leaders in regulatory issues and to meet our mandate of public protection.

Our Strategic Aim

Our strategic aim outlines the vision, mission and values of The Alliance.

Alliance 2013-2015 Strategic Plan

Our Vision

Competent physiotherapists contributing to a healthy and productive society by optimizing the function and mobility of Canadians.

Our Mission

The Alliance supports Members, applicants and partner organizations through the provision of evaluation and knowledge brokering services contributing to a sufficient supply of competent physiotherapists in Canada.

Our Values

•   Public interest

•   Excellence

•   Integrity

•   Good governance

•   Collaboration

•   Engagement

Our Values in Action

Our Board of Directors, management, staff and volunteers will demonstrate these values by:

Public Interest - ensuring that the regulatory role of public protection is paramount in all of our decisions.

Excellence - setting high standards, providing high quality and timely customer service, using best practices, and being seen as a desirable place to work and volunteer.

Integrity - interacting with others respectfully, communicating honestly, maintaining confidentiality, making impartial, fair and sound decisions, fulfilling our corporate social responsibility, and pursuing fair practices.

Good Governance - excellent financial stewardship including establishing responsible budgets and fees and planning for the long-term, publicly reporting on performance and taking ownership for decisions made.

Collaboration - working together with partners and each other to accomplish our vision and mission.

Engagement - promoting an engaging work environment that includes humour and fun and fosters loyalty and commitment among staff and volunteers.



Our full members are Canadian physiotherapy regulatory bodies recognized as such under their respective provincial/territorial legislation. Each regulatory body has the authority to regulate the practice of physiotherapy in that jurisdiction.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors (Board) governs the business of The Alliance and provides priority driven leadership and direction to staff who carry out the operations of the organization. The Board is comprised of two representatives from each member province/territory, ensuring that the diverse interests across the country are valued and heard.

2013/2014 Board of Directors

Yukon: Fiona Charbonneau

British Columbia: Brenda Hudson, Annick deGooyer

Alberta: Dianne Millette, Greg Cutforth

Saskatchewan: Tim Eichholz, Brandy Green

Manitoba: Brenda McKechnie, Tanya Kozera

Ontario: Shenda Tanchak, John Spirou

Québec: Claude Laurent, Lucie Forget

New Brunswick: Rebecca Bourdage, Mark Davidson

Nova Scotia: Joan Ross, Ann Read

Prince Edward Island: Sarah Gaudet, Rose Delaney

Newfoundland Labrador: Josephine Crossan, Deborah Noseworthy

Committees of the Board

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is responsible for the efficient and effective management of Board business and for providing direction to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of The Alliance in relation to actions delegated by the Board.

Registrars' Committee

The Registrars' Committee provides support to registrars, scans the regulatory environment, identifies emerging trends across jurisdictions and makes recommendations to the Board on issues of national scope.

Governance and Nominations Committee

The Governance and Nominations Committee considers and enhances the functioning of the Board, its committees and working groups in relation to monitoring and reviewing governance policies, committee structure and terms of reference, nominations and election processes as well as managing Board and committee orientation, development and evaluation.

Evaluation Services Committee

The Evaluation Services Committee (ESC) provides oversight for the Credentialling and Examination Programs and is responsible for setting and monitoring performance standards of the Credentialling and Examination Programs and assuring the effective delivery of those services.


Executive Offices - email@alliancept.org

Katya Duvalko, Chief Executive Officer ext. 224

Katya manages The Alliance strategic direction, serves as national spokesperson and advocate for Canadian physiotherapy regulators, and provides leadership to Alliance programs, projects, work groups and staff.

Rohini D'Cunha, Executive Assistant ext. 234

Rohini provides executive support to the office of the CEO, including the oversight of HR issues, the Board of Directors and other Alliance committees and work groups.

Corporate Services - corporateservices@alliancept.org

Eric Pearce, Senior Corporate Services Officer(A) ext. 228

Eric oversees all aspects of corporate support services - finance, facilities management, IT support, and financial aspects of HR (e.g., payroll)

Nancy Osadetz, Receptionist, Receptionist & Intake Assistant ext. 221

Nancy provides customer service for incoming calls and walk-in customers, administrative assistance to Alliance staff and corporate services.

Client Services - email@alliancept.org

Lindsay Cooper, Client Services Coordinator, Credentialling ext. 230

Lindsay provides general and specific information, guidance and counseling about the Credentialling process, requirements, policies, application process and bridging opportunities to all potential and current Credentialling applicants.

Credentialling Program - credentialling@alliancept.org

Diana Sinnige, Program Manager, Credentialling ext. 232

Diana provides strategic direction and manages the day to day operations of the Credentialling Program and serves as the technical and content expert on credentialling items for Alliance staff, committees and workgroups.

Rebecca Chamula, Senior Credentialling Officer ext. 225

Rebecca provides credentialling advice to staff and management, processes Credentialling applications and manages assessments of applicants with last names beginning with J-R.

Shereen Mir-Jabbar, Credentialling Officer ext. 227

Shereen processes Credentialling applications and manages assessments of applicants with last names beginning with A-I.

Shabnam Sarwary, Credentialling Officer ext. 236

Shabnam processes Credentialling applications and manages assessments of applicants with last names beginning with S-Z.

Keshia Gudge, Credentialling Assistant, Client Services ext. 241

Keshia provides administrative support to credentialling intake services.

Rachel Leger, Credentialling Assistant ext. 231

Rachel provides administrative support to the Credentialling Officers.

Examination Program - exam@alliancept.org

Fidelma Serediuk, Program Manager, Examinations ext. 233

Fidelma provides strategic direction and manages the day to day operations of the Examination program and serves as the technical and content expert on examination items for Alliance staff, committees and workgroups.

Delon Pereira, Senior Examination Officer ext. 239

Delon supports and coordinates all day to day operations related to preparation of examinations and ensures events run smoothly across all sites. She provides guidance and leadership to the Exam Program team related to exam administrative processes and standards, processes Special Needs Accommodation requests and plans, supports examiner recruitment and training and works closely with psychometric consultants and Exam Centres to ensure standard exam processes.

Adam Sayers, Exam Officer ext. 243

Adam provides materials and support to the examination sites, support services for the Examination program, volunteer committees, special projects and examiners.

Sara Reguly, Exam Coordinator ext. 229

Sara provides customer service for examination candidates, incoming calls and walk in customers. Sara also provides support for preparation of examination materials.

Erin Gollaher, Client Services Coordinator, Examination Program ext. 235

Erin provides general information, guidance and counselling about Examination processes, requirements, policies and application process to all potential and current program applicants. Erin also provides information about and can facilitate referral to Bridging Program resources for Internationally Educated Physiotherapist exam applicants.

Exam Assistant ext. 231

The Exam Assistant provides exam administrative support for exam development activities, exam results processing and exam applications.

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Alliance 2013-2015 Strategic Plan
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